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When you have guests in your house you will always want to go the extra mile to impress them by entertaining them and making them comfortable as best as you can. One of the best ways of creating a good impression is by serving your guests with desserts and food in an attractive serving bowl set. The specially designed serveware sets not only makes a good impression among your guest but it also makes your guest feel special.

The right place to find these servewares is on Hometown were you will find these products in different shapes and sizes. One of the most common types of serveware is the serving bowls with lids which are used for keeping food and the lid protects the food from dust and other harmful pollutants. The serving bowls with lids are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Apart from that, there various kind of fruit and ice cream serving sets in which you can offer various types of desserts to your guests. All these serving sets which come in various kinds of attractive designs are used for special occasions like house birthday parties, and other special family occasions.

These serving sets are manufactured by using various types of materials like glass, ceramic, plastic and stainless steel. Glass is one the most common material used for preparing various kinds of serving dish sets like glass serving bowls with lids which are available in different attractive designs, shapes and sizes. Apart from that, serving dish sets like stainless steel serving bowl which are made of stainless steel are quite durable. But not to forget the ceramic serving bowls with lids which are made of clay and mud. The products made from these material looks quite attractive and delicate hence it is used only on special occasions.

All these varieties are available in Hometown and you can choose products as per your requirements.

Availability of serveware range on Hometown

On Hometown you will find range of serveware sets which are used on regular occasions or special occasions like a house party. It has been stated above that these products are available in many designs, sizes, and colors. Following is a list of serveware range available under Hometown:

  • Glass: LE Oasis, Lyra Destina, LE Gold, LE Vintage
  • Plastic: Oak
  • Stainless steel: Premium Mirror Finish

Buy serveware at a reasonable price

You can buy multiple varieties of serveware sets under Hometown at affordable prices. Thanks to reasonable serveware price and multiple offers you can now buy multiple sets of it and that too within your budget. Following is a price table that displays the available products and their prices:

Sr No. Product Name Price
1 Quadra White Platter Small ?249
2 Lyra Destina Ice Cream Cup 285 ml 6 Pcs Glass Dessert Sets in Transparent Colour by Lyra ?553
3 Oak Large Square Bowl Plastic Bowls in Brown Colour by Living Essence ?421
4 Oak Xx Large Square Bowl Plastic Bowls in Brown Colour by Living Essence ?885
5 http://www.chuzhouzhen.com/terracotta-dal-bucket/sku/LI889KD62KJXHTFUR ?200

Buy serveware online from Hometown

If you made up your mind on buying some sets of serveware then make sure you buy it through online modes. Shopping through online means offers a lot of benefits like avoiding a visit to a physical store, surfing through multiple products in less time and finding the best one, avoiding crowds and avoiding the need to stand in queue for bill payments. Buying serveware online is easy, just click some buttons and the product will arrive at your doorsteps. Buying serveware sets through online modes gives you the benefits of paying through debit/credit cards, internet banking or through EMI’s.

In case you are confused with regards to selecting the serveware sets through online mode, then not to worry. Hometown offers services which will guide you in buying the best sets of serveware for yourself.

Check for the offers on serveware sale by Hometown

You will find some offers on different types of serveware sets every now and then on Hometown. These products are available on discounts in the range of 20% to 80% this way you can save a lot of money by buying through online means.

Now that you are done with the shopping of different kinds of serveware sets you must shift your attention towards other products which Hometown showcases. Products like cushion covers, cushion fillers, door curtains, window curtains, kids furniture, bedding and many more are available on Hometown.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different types of serveware?

The main purpose serveware sets is to serve the food without any trouble and some of the types of serveware are dessert bowls, soup pots, serving bowls, platters, salad bowls, and tea pots, to name a few.

What are the different materials used to make serveware?

A wide variety of materials are used to make serveware such as copper, aluminium, silver, and steel, plastic, glass, ceramic, and wood.

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